DENSICAT®, the dense loading machine





The leading dense loading technology. Due to the specific loading distribution of catalyst, the DENSICAT® machine loads instantaneously 100% of the reactor surface with high loa-ding rate (27 t/h).

Since 1990, PETROVAL provides dense loading services with the DENSICAT®, the first dense loading machine. It is the most effective dense loading technology widely used in the industry, with more than 40,000 tons of catalyst loaded per year.

Due to the specific loading distribution of catalyst, the DENSICAT® covers instantaneously 100% of the loading surface. This 'rain' of catalyst ensures an homogeneity of the catalyst bed with an equal positioning of the catalyst particles. In spite of a higher density compares to sock loading and other dense loading machines, the increase of pressure drop during the cycle life is minimized due to a better flow distribution across the catalyst bed, thanks to no preferential paths, enhancing performance and cycle time of the unit.

Comparison between DENSICAT®

and other dense loading methods

Other loaders
using the
centrifugal force
Loading distribution
loading surface
30% - 40% 100%
Homogeneity Limited loading distribution : Less homogeneous catalyst bed. More homogeneous loading distribution: Catalyst bed more homogeneous.
Loading system Catalyst ejected through a distribution tool. Catalyst loaded through a barrel by gravity and spread by whips.
Centrifugal force
and catalyst segregation
Catalyst ejected from a distribution tool: Ballistic separation by virtue of centrifugal force : catalyst segregation (smaller particles loaded in the middle and bigger particles at the walls). Catalyst not ejected from a distribution tool:
- No ballistic separation
- No catalyst segregation
- Better homogeneity of the catalyst bed
Loading rate 8 to 14 tons / hour. Fastest loading rate: 15 to 28 tons / hour. Dense loading time reduced.
Dense loading
Companies certified by licensors / Limited number of full time employed operators. Specialised team of 30 trained and certified specialised operators (engineer level) directly employed by PETROVAL. The catalyst loading is their full time job on a world wide basis.