Infrared thermography furnace




Equipment failure in petrochemical industries & refineries can lead to serious consequences and large scale production loss. The best way to minimize such potential incidents or lost profits is to use thermography technique.

For over 15 years, PETROVAL has been specialized in monitoring and analyzing operations of industrial furnaces using infrared thermography.

PETROVAL report supports clients in :

› Reduction of production losses due to unplanned problems.

› Reduction of maintenance and repair costs.

› Increase of equipment life duration.


PETROVAL provides complete report and visual pictures.

› Client is able to compare temperatures over large areas.

› Anticipation: PETROVAL can discover any deteriorating components prior to failure.

› Energy savings : better use of the energy necessary for operating the equipement.

› Measurement in areas normally inaccessible, non destructive method.

› Ability to measure very high temperatures (up to 1 500°C).

What about training?

PETROVAL's specialised operators are able to organize onsite training for refineries and petrochemical plants investing in this technology. Specialised operators have a high level of expertise with many years of experience.

› Several days training to client staff in its facilities

› Training for an optimum use of the infrared camera and an in depth analysis of the pictures to fully understand the thermography process.

Training approved and realized in partnership with FLIR and ITC